White Papers

In this section of the media room you'll find white papers that have been written by Robert Half Technology regarding different employment and workplace topics.

In this report, we discuss how companies can develop flexible workforce management and staffing strategies, outlining the steps necessary to maximize human resources and sustain business growth in today's economy.

A challenging economy puts every manager’s skills to the test. This guide helps company leaders navigate tough times by outlining 30 common pitfalls and how to avoid them. The information falls into four categories: morale and retention; productivity; innovation and risk-taking; and building business. This guide helps managers learn from mistakes companies have made during previous recessions to build strong teams that can weather any economic storm and emerge prepared for the inevitable upturn.

A growing number of companies are focusing on recruiting members of Generation Y, also know as the Millennial Generation, because they know this sizable group of professionals will become an increasingly vital segment of the workforce as baby boomers begin to retire. This new white paper offers insights based on an in-depth study of Generation Y by Robert Half International and Yahoo! HotJobs and provides specific strategies your company can implement to position itself as an employer of choice to Gen Y workers.

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